8 Important Steps to Bring Down No Shows in Recruiting!

‘No show’┬áis one of the most debated problems among the recruiting fraternity. When we get deeper into it, we might find a solution which may not cut it down to zero, but definitely bring down it’s rate drastically.

Lets’ get down to business straightaway.

1. Spend more time on your first sourcing call

The more you explain about yourself, the purpose of your recruitment, your employers’ USP and your expectation with the candidate, the more will the candidate reveal his/her stand about the position you offer. Once the stage is set properly, the remaining steps will follow smoothly.

2. Refrain from talking on a doubting tone

When you call the candidates for follow-ups, do not just call them often to verify if they are appearing for the interview. No one likes being questioned often or doubted unnecessarily.

3. Feed with new info in every call

Whenever you call the candidates, cut the usual routine repetitions. Feed them with new info every time you call them. It could a news about the employer or success stories of your previous candidates who appeared for interviews before or a formal interview update with tips. A new concept on every call will keep the candidate engaged towards the recruiting process.

4. Use SMS for follow-ups

Many people do not like taking too many calls. Use SMS as a tool for constant follow-ups or reminders. The candidates will not always be alone to take your calls freely, they might be surrounded by their colleagues or even bosses. SMS could be the perfect tool in such situations and many of them would appreciate that.

5. Don’t bluff with false statements

Our aim is to make the candidate attend the interview and join if offered, not just to make them appear for the interview. Be precise about the position offered, interview levels, duration of the interview and number of the fellow attendees especially if it is a mass walk-in. Any false statements will cost your credibility and the candidate will no more be in your side.

6. Comfort the candidates

Comfort the candidates by easing them throughout the interview process. Be reachable at all times and help them wherever necessary with inputs like the interview focus areas past interview experience.

7. Create a friendly atmosphere

Gone are those days where the recruiters just sit behind the desk and recruit. The candidates are our fellow mates in our professional space. The more we get friendlier and approachable, the more repeatedly they will come back to us for support when we need them.

8. Candidate experience

An enriching candidate experience is the biggest remedy for ‘No shows’. Turn your prime focus from fulfilling the positions to offering an enriching candidate experience. It will win all your hiring objectives. A happy candidate is always your brand ambassador no matter whether their interview result is positive or not.

Happy Recruiting Folks!

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