Oh! That’s my recruiter… Should I answer his call?

How often have you got frustrated when you are been asked the same question again and again in the name of follow-up?

I can resonate well here being in the recruitment industry.

Recruiters call the candidates to schedule them for the interview. You will see them following up with candidates almost everyday on a call. But still end up with candidates not turning up for interview.

What could be the reason?

May be you have annoyed your candidates with too many calls? Or may be you have filled them with too many junk informations? Or may be your doubt-centric calls have backfired.

What kind of questions we ask the candidates on everyday follow-ups? 

What kind of inputs we give them on every call? 

Does every call actually deserve a call?

In many cases, the calls will be focussed on re-checking and reassuring with the candidates about their availability for the interview. Would you be happy if someone asks the same question again and again every day on a phone call?

I wouldn’t be, seriously.

There is an old school way to come out of this.

SMS (short messaging service) or IM (Instant messaging).

How often are we using them? How effectively are we using them?

This is the generation of online. People prefer a ping or a chat in IM for updates. They get annoyed with phone calls, unless the call has a value or key information.

Personally, SMS & IM’s have worked for me big time in bringing down ‘No-shows’.

With your effective follow-up, Hitting a 10 on 10 is possible. If not, hitting a 8 on 10 is doable. But without trying any of the above, hitting a 3 on 10 is pathetic. So why give that chance?

Wrap Up:

  • Try using IM’s and SMS for updates and to keep your candidates active.
  • Make the candidates understand the criticality of the position you are recruiting for, in your first sourcing call.
  • Do not expect the candidates to be serious about the process, until you make them realise how serious and concerned you are, about the process.
  • Do not bombard your candidates with too many calls. Especially avoid those doubt-centric ones.
  • Keep your candidates occupied with new info’s whenever you call them or text them.
  • Be approachable over the calls, texts, IM’s, whichever the candidate is convenient with.
  • People would value the time of others when they know that their’s is valued. Value the time of your candidates and carry out the process.

When you do all this, it is still not a 100% guarantee that every one of your candidates will turn up. But I can give a 100% guarantee that none of your candidates will be in the bucket of “forever unanswered calls”.

Good luck folks! Happy Recruiting!

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